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California Liver Research Institute has worked with many leaders in the pharmaceutical development and research industry. Currently, we have several studies and clinical trials going on at California Liver Research Institute, including 7 clinical trials. Six of these trials are open for enrollment. These studies are for fatty liver disease, Cirrhosis secondary to fatty liver disease and decompensated fatty liver disease. In the near future, we will have clinical trials for liver cancer and Hepatitis C failures to DAA (Direct Acting Antivirals).

Some of our current trials include:

  • A clinical trial looking at subjects who have cirrhosis without decompensation and investigating the reversibility of the disease.
  • A clinical trial for subjects with cirrhosis with decompensated liver disease looking at improvement and reversibility of the disease.
  • A clinical trial looking at patients with advanced fibrosis due to fatty liver disease. The aim is reversal of the disease.

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